La Gentile

Shelled Hazelnuts and Shelled I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts

I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts are without a doubt the best you can get, the unmistakable aroma of this wonderful nut is now well known throughout the world.

At La Gentile we have worked the best hazelnuts available on the market from both Piedmont and other sources for many years, handling any quantity and a variety of sizes.

You can also specify the ideal dimensions for your purposes, choosing from a single size or a range of sizes. Special machines lectronically select hazelnuts of the required quality and size and then convey them directly to the packaging area.

Is bag which contains up to 1000 Kg. of product. It is usually used for industrial packaging of raw shelled hazelnuts.


  • Jute Bags of 25 Kg. or 50 Kg
  • Raffia Bags of 25 Kg. or 50 Kg.
  • Boxes of 4 bags of 5 Kg. printed or plain
  • Vacuum packed bags of 24 Kg.